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Taizhou Chenyi chemical co. LTD,

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Shanghai tropic chemical co., LTD is a contract research company focused on the discovery of new moleculars.

we provides a wide range of high quality research chemicals and biochemicals including novel life-science reagents, reference compounds and Natural compounds for laboratory and scientific use,with on-time delivery at competitive pricing. Besides, We offer synthesis services of organic compounds for the pharmaceutical, drug discovery and biopharma industries and supplies chemicals including regular reagents, fine chemicals, and pharmaceutical intermediates and so on. The volume of our products ranges from milligrams to kilograms scale.
Our customers come from pharmaceutical and biotech companies, universities, research institutions.Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.We are dedicated to providing scientists world-wide an easy access to the most innovative life science reagents, and to help them make more significant discoveries.

If you have any suggestions, problems or complaints regarding our products or services please let us know. We always welcome your feedback and comments.

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